ALBUM: Witt Lowry – Dreaming With Our Eyes Open Zip

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DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Witt Lowry – Dreaming With Our Eyes Open Zip MP3


Witt Lowry has release a posthumous package titled Dreaming With Our Eyes Open It was arguably the Hip-Hop/Rap event of a pandemic-blighted year.

By contrast, Dreaming With Our Eyes Open album arrives under very different circumstances on Wapbaze with 11 tracks listings.

Witt Lowrys Dreaming With Our Eyes Open has its share of impressive moments from ℗ 2015 Witt Lowry.

Artist(s):Witt Lowry
Album:Dreaming With Our Eyes Open
Sample Rates:44100
Bit Rate:190 KBit/s
Record Label:℗ 2015 Witt Lowry
File Type:Album-zip*Audio/mpeg
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DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Witt Lowry – Dreaming With Our Eyes Open Zip Mp3 Download

Witt Lowry returns with a new album “Dreaming With Our Eyes Open and we got it for you, download fast and feel the vibes.

  1. Witt Lowry - Dreaming With Our Eyes Open
  2. Witt Lowry - Ladders
  3. Witt Lowry - My Mistake (feat. Trippz Michaud)
  4. Witt Lowry - Wonder If You Wonder
  5. Witt Lowry - Tried to Be Nice
  6. Witt Lowry - Silicone Kingdom
  7. Witt Lowry - Tourist
  8. Witt Lowry - Piece of Mind 3
  9. Witt Lowry - So Many Nights (feat. Devvon Terrell)
  10. Witt Lowry - Running from Here
  11. Witt Lowry - Coupons

Public Reviews for Witt Lowry – Dreaming With Our Eyes Open From Itunes:

Great album

Best album I've heard in a while. By Loh7968

Sickest album I have listened to in a long time

By far Witt Lowry is incredible with story telling and putting emotions to a cypher! The flows Witt creates is epitome of my soul. He hits it home. To many struggles to many heartaches. Keep chasing the change and keep depending on those deep thoughts and not those weak thots ahha! By Viva.La.Billiam.

Amazing Music!

After listening to the Witt Lowry’s recent album Dreaming with your eyes open I can say it left me speechless and constantly making me hit the replay button. The album contains 11 songs with each one bringing something new to the table in the form of lyrics. As someone who is very picky and only listens to a selected amount of people when it comes to rap, it can be said that Witt Lowry has made my list. One thing that sets Witt Lowry apart from some of the most well-known rappers at the moment are the things he brings up in each of his songs. I’m not sure if it’s just me but I hate the constant bragging about money, women, and drugs that each rapper writes about. Witt Lowry changes this, he raps about his personal life, actual problems such as environmental issues, and his struggles while on his way up to fame. Each of Witt Lowry’s songs contains something new and different from the last one. Witt Lowry switches it up a bit in the album and has a little bit of everything in the album from really dope rapping to a more relaxed inspirational rap song which touches the heart of anyone who would listen to it. When I was going over and listening to each of the songs, I could feel the amount of effort he put into them. Although the beats were really good and catchy the lyrics were what had an impact on me the most when listening to his songs. For example, one song that stood out to me the most in lyric wise was the song “Dreaming with your eyes open”. In this song he basically talks about how much of an influence he’s had on his fans and how he will continue to write songs to inspire them no matter how many people say he should just quit.

For those looking for some motivation in their life, I feel like this album will boost and keep you up on those bad days. Overall Witt Lowry did an amazing job in creating an album that contains songs that correlate with his life, to which people can relate to, while also creating songs that can get anyone hyped up. By Anthony M2000000

litt wowry

i love witt lowry so much its unreal!! he deserves way more recognition for his voice and his songs! By csgreene

Nothing but absolutely incredible

Such powerful songs and a great sound. The music videos are amazing too By Monasster


this dude speaks with so much heart and feeling into his music, 100 percent recommend this album. By ThusHehehe

Witt is 🔥

This is an amazing album that shows some deep subjects with a beat By 😈😈🐝


Best album I have heard in awhile. Witt is fire. Do yourself a favor and buy this record. You will not be disappointed. By Musicfan848484


Witt/Mark deserves so much more recognition than he currently has. This guy is amazing. Anyone can listen to anyone of his songs and connect with a part of it. Great work on this one Witty✔️ By Gsbyfjhkijdfbxd

Relate to the music

Like kindest regards says we can relate to his music and that is exactly what every song does it might only be bits and pieces from each song but I relate to ever song at some point and I can't wait for like I do to be on iTunes! Witt keep it up we your fans love it! By Latashamarie94





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